Develop your UI with Parents in Mind!

by Joseph on Feb 23rd in Human-Computer Interaction

In a recent PC World article, it was pointed out that the FCC is going to be examining the implications of In-App purchasing in games and other applications. According to the article, one game in particular, SmurfWorld, allows parents to input a password to make In-App purchases. The password is then saved for 15 minutes. Children can then go Smurf-wild, making all kinds of smurfy purchases on their parent’s credit card.

Apparently one child spent $1,400 in 15 minutes.

According to Buzz Out Loud, the C/Net podcast, there is a setting to NOT save the password, but here’s the catch… it’s buried under lots of UI options.

Developers, bear this in mind when you’re writing payment UIs. Parents don’t WANT their smurfy little children having access to their cards… at least not by default.

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