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Comparing two Microsoft Access Database Schemas

by Joseph on Jul 31st in Access

A while back I needed the ability to compare two Access database schemas. I searched a bit, and ended up finding that, for me, the best way to achieve this was to generate a couple of XML Files detailing the schemas for the two databases, then open them up in my favorite file compare tool […]

Why should I upgrade from an Excel Workbook?

by Joseph on Oct 15th in .Net, C#, MS Office, SOA, SOA Benefits, Windows 8

An interesting question was posed to me earlier today. Why should I bother upgrading my Excel Spreadsheet application to a .Net Desktop application? Maybe the same question, or something similar has occured to you. Let’s see what we can come up with… A few things come to mind off the top of my head: What […]

Office Live Dialog keeps popping up

by Joseph on May 6th in MS Office, Office Live

An update to MS Office caused the following message box to appear continually:MESSAGE TEXT [Title] Office Live Workspace [Body]Get Started With Office Live Thanks for installing Office live add-in via Microsoft Update. You can now get started using Office Live Workspace. This Office Live Workspace lets you: -Access and view documents from almost any computer […]

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