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Getting Windows Aero to keep working

by Joseph on Sep 28th in Aero, Remote Desktop, Troubleshooting, Windows 7

I was working on a couple of things earlier today and realized that some of my Windows 7 features weren’t working any more. Specifically, I couldn’t get the taskbar thumbnail peek feature to work. After about 30 minutes of fruitless googling, I switched my theme, thinking maybe it just needed to be reminded of its […]

Windows 7

by Joseph on Sep 25th in Windows 7, Windows Vista

Well, after Tuesday Updates this week, my Vista computer was left with many many problems. Between the windows printer dialog being totally MIA, and Office crashing randomly and repeatedly, I made the decision to reformat. However, being the enterprising young geek that I am, I’m not satisfied with simply reinstalling Vista Ultimate. I’m going for […]

Connection between HCI and the SDLC

by Joseph on Sep 11th in Uncategorized

Zhang et al (2009) insist that “incorporating a human computer interaction (HCI) perspective into the systems development life cycle (SDLC) is critical to information systems (IS) success and in turn to the success of businesses.” The problem, they remind us, is that typical software development progresses with the needs of the organization in mind, rather […]

Down for everyone or just me?

by Joseph on Sep 10th in website problems

Thanks to @Subdigital for this awesome suggestion:

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