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Hyper-V and HP

by Joseph on Sep 2nd in HP, tools, Troubleshooting, Uncategorized, Windows 8

So, I have just concluded a months-long battle with installing Hyper-V on my HP Envy H8-1414. Apparently, the Bluetooth Driver that comes preloaded is not compatible with Hyper-V. I went through cycles of wiping my computer and restarting, even the extreme of taking my desktop back to Best Buy and having them do an OS […]

HP TouchPad

by Joseph on Feb 10th in HP, TouchPad

HP officially announced their new tablet PC today – the TouchPad. The announcement has been met with mixed reviews. Critics have cited everything from the length of the announcement (it’s nearly 2 hours) to the lack of current app support. Fans of the tablet point out that it has a chance of competing with the […]

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