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Develop your UI with Parents in Mind!

by Joseph on Feb 23rd in Human-Computer Interaction

In a recent PC World article, it was pointed out that the FCC is going to be examining the implications of In-App purchasing in games and other applications. According to the article, one game in particular, SmurfWorld, allows parents to input a password to make In-App purchases. The password is then saved for 15 minutes. […]

Best Face Forward – Article Review

by Joseph on Jul 16th in Article Review, Best Face Forward, HCI, Human-Computer Interaction, reengineering, systems engineering, unified interface

Introduction In their article “Best Face Forward” (2004), Rayport and Jaworski discuss ways in which companies can integrate humans and computers into a unified interface which interacts with customers. The thesis they begin with is that without specific attention, most companies develop disparate interfaces between departments, or even projects within a department. The goal of […]

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