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Entity Framework Eager Loading

by Joseph on Jul 7th in .Net, ADO Legacy, C#, Entity Framework, LINQ

So I REALLY hate the way that Entity Framework does the Eager Loading system. One of the biggest things gained from EF over legacy ADO was the fact that queries have compile-time checking. With the .Include(string s) method, we end up back in the same place we started. I’m hoping things are fixed when .Net […]

Foreign Key relationships in Entity Framework

by Joseph on Jul 6th in .Net 3.5, C#, Entity Framework

I received the following error while trying to use Entity Framework to update an object. The property ‘AccessLevelID’ is part of the object’s key information and cannot be modified. The object is a User, who has an AccessLevel foreign key. The problem was in my code, which looked like this: user.FullName = FullName;user.LoginName = LoginName;user.Password […]

Geting started with Entity Framework

by Joseph on Apr 21st in ADO Legacy, C#, Entity Framework

So I wrote my first Linq to Entity Framework query today. Took a little bit of research to really understand what was happening, but here goes my explanation: using (DataBase db = new DataBase()) // Relatively obvious… This sets up the data connection. { //var letters = db.Receipt_View; // A custom MSSQL View based on […]

Introduction of Silverlight 3

by Joseph on Apr 17th in .Net, C#, Entity Framework, Houston Tech Fest, North Houston .Net User's Group, Silverlight, Silverlight 3, Web Development

Yesterday was the April meeting for North Houston .Net User’s Group.Tony Champion introduced us to the benefits of developing Rich Internet Applications in Silverlight 3. While I haven’t done any SL3 applications in the past myself, his demos showed a remarkably robust data-driven form application that he wrote using Entity Framework and Silverlight, and it […]

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