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Entity Framework Eager Loading

by Joseph on Jul 7th in .Net, ADO Legacy, C#, Entity Framework, LINQ

So I REALLY hate the way that Entity Framework does the Eager Loading system. One of the biggest things gained from EF over legacy ADO was the fact that queries have compile-time checking. With the .Include(string s) method, we end up back in the same place we started. I’m hoping things are fixed when .Net […]

Geting started with Entity Framework

by Joseph on Apr 21st in ADO Legacy, C#, Entity Framework

So I wrote my first Linq to Entity Framework query today. Took a little bit of research to really understand what was happening, but here goes my explanation: using (DataBase db = new DataBase()) // Relatively obvious… This sets up the data connection. { //var letters = db.Receipt_View; // A custom MSSQL View based on […]

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