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Develop your UI with Parents in Mind!

by Joseph on Feb 23rd in Human-Computer Interaction

In a recent PC World article, it was pointed out that the FCC is going to be examining the implications of In-App purchasing in games and other applications. According to the article, one game in particular, SmurfWorld, allows parents to input a password to make In-App purchases. The password is then saved for 15 minutes. […]

Lightswitch at NHDNUG

by Joseph on Feb 18th in .Net, Lightswitch

We had a great session last night a North Houston .Net Users Group! Thom Chichester from EPS Software spoke about Visual Studio Lightswitch, and several people seemed to find the idea of Rapid Application Development interesting – even if the platform isn’t quite ready for primetime. Join us next month for Visual Studio Tips and […]

User Groups Around Houston

by Joseph on Feb 10th in User Groups

I was preparing for the Lone Star College IT Advisory Board Meeting tonight, and one of my agenda items is to discuss local user groups and how to encourage student participation. I contacted Zain and Jared from Microsoft, and they referred me to this amazing website that shows many of the UGs and SIGs in […]

HP TouchPad

by Joseph on Feb 10th in HP, TouchPad

HP officially announced their new tablet PC today – the TouchPad. The announcement has been met with mixed reviews. Critics have cited everything from the length of the announcement (it’s nearly 2 hours) to the lack of current app support. Fans of the tablet point out that it has a chance of competing with the […]

Woman fired over facebook

by Joseph on Feb 8th in Facebook

A recent article in the AP examined a woman who was fired for posts made on Facebook. The company was sued by the Labor Board, and recently made a settlement, in which they revised their “social networking policy”. This is interesting. There are a lot of things to consider when you post something online – […]

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