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Service Oriented Architecture – Promises and Challenges

by Joseph on Mar 8th in Service Granularity, Service Oriented Architecture, SOA, SOA Benefits, SOA Buusiness Vaalue, SOA Challenges

The promise of Service Oriented Architecture In his presentation on the Business Value of Service-Oriented Architecture (Ordeedolchest, 2004), Manoo specified 4 major business reasons for implementing a Service Oriented Architecture: Cost, Productivity, Partnership, and Agility. By using a service model in which individual services perform discreet functions based on a well-defined contract, developers can increase […]

Service Oriented Architecture Quality Assurance

by Joseph on Feb 26th in Quality Assurance, Service Oriented Architecture, SOA

Quality assurance in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is necessarily more complex than conventional software. Due to the concept coined by Vinoski (2008) as serendipities reuse, most SOA developers must plan, by default, for unknown uses of their software in future cases. Testing can be done with regards to service load and intended functionality, but for […]

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