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Impact of Reorganization on IT

by Joseph on Jul 21st in IT, Reorganization, Security, TechRepublic

IT poses an interesting challenge during reorganizations. Between security policies, differing hardware, and existing software, integration of two business units requires time and effort across both companies. In a TechRepublic article (2001), Loraine Lawson offers the following suggestions for IT restructuring: How many people are in IT How many users are they supporting What are […]

Best Face Forward – Article Review

by Joseph on Jul 16th in Article Review, Best Face Forward, HCI, Human-Computer Interaction, reengineering, systems engineering, unified interface

Introduction In their article “Best Face Forward” (2004), Rayport and Jaworski discuss ways in which companies can integrate humans and computers into a unified interface which interacts with customers. The thesis they begin with is that without specific attention, most companies develop disparate interfaces between departments, or even projects within a department. The goal of […]

Business Driven Software Development

by Joseph on Jul 16th in Business Drivers, Business Needs, Project Drivers, Project Evaluation

As a software engineer, project proposals are available in spades. Learning how to evaluate business needs and technical needs is a basic job prerequisite (Parkinson, 2000). Parkinson explains that there is a significant difference between a technical requirement and a business requirement. An example of a technical requirement would be needing a new printer. A […]

Characteristics of quality software

by Joseph on Jul 11th in Uncategorized

Software Quality Software Quality is a concept has been discussed and defined in a number of excellent books and articles. Granular-Level specific characteristics are numerous, and the weight placed on one aspect may differ from company to company, or even from project to project. However, with the assistance of the Pfleeger and Atlee text (2006) […]

Entity Framework Eager Loading

by Joseph on Jul 7th in .Net, ADO Legacy, C#, Entity Framework, LINQ

So I REALLY hate the way that Entity Framework does the Eager Loading system. One of the biggest things gained from EF over legacy ADO was the fact that queries have compile-time checking. With the .Include(string s) method, we end up back in the same place we started. I’m hoping things are fixed when .Net […]

Foreign Key relationships in Entity Framework

by Joseph on Jul 6th in .Net 3.5, C#, Entity Framework

I received the following error while trying to use Entity Framework to update an object. The property ‘AccessLevelID’ is part of the object’s key information and cannot be modified. The object is a User, who has an AccessLevel foreign key. The problem was in my code, which looked like this: user.FullName = FullName;user.LoginName = LoginName;user.Password […]

Cannot change a SQL Login to a different user

by Joseph on Jul 2nd in Uncategorized

At some point during your SQL Server development time, you will eventually create a database while logged in to the server with a login other than SA. If this happens, your dbo user account will be mapped to the account which created the database (call it sa2 for now). A year later, when the db […]

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