Impact of Reorganization on IT

by Joseph on Jul 21st in IT, Reorganization, Security, TechRepublic

IT poses an interesting challenge during reorganizations. Between security policies, differing hardware, and existing software, integration of two business units requires time and effort across both companies.

In a TechRepublic article (2001), Loraine Lawson offers the following suggestions for IT restructuring:

  • How many people are in IT
  • How many users are they supporting
  • What are common user requests
  • What skills are in use in your location

I would further amend these questions by applying them not only to the new, united company, but to the individual companies as well. They would end up looking something like this:

  • How many people are being combined into one IT department?
  • How many users are being supported, and how many will be supported in six months, and again in a year
  • What are the common requests today? What will they be in six months? One year?
  • What skills are currently in use? Will they still be necessary in six months? One year?

By answering these questions, the new IT manager or CIO can evaluate current staffing needs, and prepare for the needs of the united company in the future.


Lawson, L. (2001). Members offer advice on restructuring IT department. Retrieved on July 21, 2009 from

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