Visual Studio 2013 is here

by Joseph on Jun 27th in Uncategorized

Steve Ballmer talked about Visual Studio 2013 during his Keynote at BUILD today. Sounds like it might be pretty interesting!

  • 5000 new APIs
  • Cool new Diagnostic Toys
  • A new version of .Net
  • Enabling “Edit and Continue” in 64-bit applications (my personal favorite)
  • And some fairly significant Async Debugging work

All of which means this is a fairly major step forward for VS.

One other improvement that is more convenience oriented than anything else is the ability of VS to sync up with your Microsoft Identity and roam your settings. No more going from the office to the house to the laptop and having slightly different color, keyboard, or monitor configurations. Everything will be the same!

I’ll be honest, I probably won’t do much with the preview version… But I really can’t wait to see the Release Candidate!

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