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Why should I upgrade from an Excel Workbook?

by Joseph on Oct 15th in .Net, C#, MS Office, SOA, SOA Benefits, Windows 8

An interesting question was posed to me earlier today. Why should I bother upgrading my Excel Spreadsheet application to a .Net Desktop application? Maybe the same question, or something similar has occured to you. Let’s see what we can come up with… A few things come to mind off the top of my head: What […]

Working with dynamic actions and Partial Views in the CODE Framework – Part 2

by Joseph on Jan 29th in .Net, C#, WPF, XAML

Last week, we discussed creating a Pizza Restaurant application with Partial Views and a Dynamic Action Collection. In this week’s blog post, we will look at setting up the View Models that enable the actual Action Collections. As things stand, the Pizza View looks something like this: One thing I did in the parent View Model (called […]

Working with dynamic actions and Partial Views in the CODE Framework – Part 1

by Joseph on Jan 23rd in .Net, C#, CODE Framework, WPF, XAML

Recently, I had a need to create a CODE Framework application with partial views, which included different ViewActions based on which Partial View was visible at the time. I found it to be a fairly interesting problem, and decided to share my solution. Since I obviously can’t blog with pictures of the customer application, I […]

NHibernate talk at NHDNug

by Joseph on May 22nd in .Net, C#, NHibernate, North Houston .Net User's Group

I recently delivered a presentation at North Houston Dot Net User Group regarding NHibernate and some Advanced ORM Topics. I covered several topics related to NHibernate and ORMs in general: Data Impedance Mismatch Impedance Mismatch Sources Problem Domains Data Persistence Impedance Mismatch Reduction Persistence Ignorance Lazy Loading Difference between “Heavy-Weight” and “Light-Weight” ORMs And of course, […]

Lightswitch at NHDNUG

by Joseph on Feb 18th in .Net, Lightswitch

We had a great session last night a North Houston .Net Users Group! Thom Chichester from EPS Software spoke about Visual Studio Lightswitch, and several people seemed to find the idea of Rapid Application Development interesting – even if the platform isn’t quite ready for primetime. Join us next month for Visual Studio Tips and […]

Entity Framework Eager Loading

by Joseph on Jul 7th in .Net, ADO Legacy, C#, Entity Framework, LINQ

So I REALLY hate the way that Entity Framework does the Eager Loading system. One of the biggest things gained from EF over legacy ADO was the fact that queries have compile-time checking. With the .Include(string s) method, we end up back in the same place we started. I’m hoping things are fixed when .Net […]

Introduction of Silverlight 3

by Joseph on Apr 17th in .Net, C#, Entity Framework, Houston Tech Fest, North Houston .Net User's Group, Silverlight, Silverlight 3, Web Development

Yesterday was the April meeting for North Houston .Net User’s Group.Tony Champion introduced us to the benefits of developing Rich Internet Applications in Silverlight 3. While I haven’t done any SL3 applications in the past myself, his demos showed a remarkably robust data-driven form application that he wrote using Entity Framework and Silverlight, and it […]

IIS and .Net 2.0

by Joseph on Jul 11th in .Net, aspnet_regiis.exe, ASPX, IIS

I was installing a web application today, and came across a strange problem. ASPX .Net 2.0 wouldn’t start. Luckily, a google search of “error 0x80131902” brought me to “Jonathan’s Blog“, which explained how to fix the issue. Essentially, all that was needed was the following steps (quoted from Jonathan’s article): With a command window, get […]

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