A couple thoughts on tasks in Visual Studio Online

by Joseph on Jul 30th in Visual Studio

So I’m starting up a couple of side projects, and I’m hosting them on Visual Studio Online (VSO). I wanted to do them right, so I took a little time to review the way that the “Planning Tools” are currently implemented in VSO. It’s just me, plus a couple people feeding me ideas for features, […]

Reset the Net

by Joseph on Jun 5th in Uncategorized

June 5th is Reset the Net day. I encourage you to read through the information here: https://www.resetthenet.org/ It’s important to keep the Net safe, but also keep it private.

Visual Studio Online for Visual Basic 6?

by Joseph on Dec 6th in Visual Studio

So I have a couple of Visual Basic 6 applications I maintain, and one of the big issues I have had was the lack of GOOD source control available for a small business person like myself. Until now. VisualStudio.com provides an online instance of TFS – we know this… But what I hadn’t thought about […]

A call for speakers

by Joseph on Oct 18th in Uncategorized

Hey guys, I’m looking for great speakers for two user’s groups I’m involved in. The first is the North Houston .NET Users Group. We’re pretty open to topics – as long as you’re passionate about it! We’ve had speakers range from .Net, to C++, to iOS, to HTML5. It is a .Net users group, so […]

Visual Studio 2013 is public!

by Joseph on Oct 18th in Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2013 released to the public this morning. If you have an MSDN license, grab it there. If not, here’s a couple links to try: Visual Studio 2013 Editions Visual Studio Launch Party Official ALM Team Announcement Official VS Team Announcement I’m definitely planning on installing everything on my main development machines over the […]

Visual Studio 2013 on Azure

by Joseph on Oct 16th in Azure

So I was screwing around with Azure today, and I noticed that one of the new Virtual Machine images is a Visual Studio 2013 RC Image. Has anyone given this a run yet? I typically only set up single core VMs on my MSDN Azure account, so that I don’t run the whole account out […]

Silicon Valley Code Camp

by Joseph on Oct 15th in .Net, CODE Framework, WPF

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of speaking at Silicon Valley Code Camp. There were over 3,000 attendees over the course of 2 days, and something like 250 speakers. Of those speakers, I was one of the 23 Microsoft MVPs! What a great honor! I got to meet up with some great […]

Why should I upgrade from an Excel Workbook?

by Joseph on Oct 15th in .Net, C#, MS Office, SOA, SOA Benefits, Windows 8

An interesting question was posed to me earlier today. Why should I bother upgrading my Excel Spreadsheet application to a .Net Desktop application? Maybe the same question, or something similar has occured to you. Let’s see what we can come up with… A few things come to mind off the top of my head: What […]

Visual Studio 2013 is here

by Joseph on Jun 27th in Uncategorized

Steve Ballmer talked about Visual Studio 2013 during his Keynote at BUILD today. Sounds like it might be pretty interesting! 5000 new APIs Cool new Diagnostic Toys A new version of .Net Enabling “Edit and Continue” in 64-bit applications (my personal favorite) And some fairly significant Async Debugging work All of which means this is […]

Office isn’t activated???

by Joseph on Apr 19th in Uncategorized

So I’m working along, and all of a sudden, MS Office asks me to activate my product. Never mind that it was activated months ago. So, I clicked the “Activate over the internets” button, but I got an error that said “We’re sorry, something went wrong and we can’t do this for you right now” […]

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